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      In1986 , Shenzhen CNC Equipment Factory was established in Shenzhen.
     This is a project by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Radio Industry by Shenzhen companies to invest in the establishment of state-      owned enterprises, to products for WEDM. 
     Shenzhen FIRST CNC machine tool Co.,Ltd  was established in Shenzhen in 1992 
      Shenzhen and the U.S. Shenzhen radio industry and trade company , NC Zhao plant based on the joint venture company of state-    owned  holding FIRST Co.,Ltd, CNC equipment factory into the company. The company develops, manufactures, sell machine tools    products. 
     In 1993, FIRST Co.,Ltd successfully launched the industry's first closed environment-friendly CNC HS- WEDM.
     In 1994, FIRST Co., Ltd was founded to expand the export sector, will be closed the first domestic HS- WEDM models of environmental    protection products to overseas marketing.
    In 1995, FIRST Co., Ltd became the Association of Chinese power unit of processing industry; FIRST Co., LTd  received the industry's first scanner profiling software patents.
    In 1996,  FIRST Co.,Ltd became the vice president of the Shenzhen Association of Machinery Industry.
    Shenzhen Municipal Government in 1997 awarded the company access to high-tech enterprise certificate.
    Machine tools in 2000 the company obtained ISO9001 quality system certification.
    In 2003,  the company obtained all the products quality system ISO9001: 2000 certification, the company's new product molds high-speed CNC machine tools, small CNC plasma cutting machine tools, developed and small batch production.
    In 2005,  the company products have CE certification, our products are high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine tooling, small plasmaflame cutting machine by the Shenzhen Bureau of Science and Technology Appraisal Technology and obtained registration of scientific and technological achievements, while a number of practical new proprietary technology the State patent.
   FIRST Co.,Ltd became the Institute of Guangdong Province, vice president of special processing.
    In 2006, five-axis high-speed engraving and milling machine tool products by the Shenzhen Bureau of Science and Technology Appraisal Technology and access to scientific and technological achievements registered. 
    In 2007, FIRST Co., Ltd  developed and produced a 3 meter high-speed engraving and milling machine tool large and successful use of furniture, flooring processing industry.
    In 2008,  the company obtained the Shenzhen Municipal Government issued the "Shenzhen Labor Relationship," the honorary title. 

    In 2010, FIRST Co., Ltd's products and structure of some key components, such as the HS- WEDM EDM power supply, the water boards, to high speed CNC engraving and milling machines, CNC plasma cutting machine small number of patents issued by the State Patent Office Patent certificate.





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