FIRST CNC Machine Tool Molybdenum wire EDM
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CNC Multi-cutting wire cut machine
CNC Molybdenum wire cut machine
High speed machining center

FVMC processing center, the high performance and economic
and practical perfect unity.

A. T. C. system :

l        A.T.C: Circular tools or Bamboo hat tools
l        Tool holder: BT40 (select 16 tools or 20 tools or 24 tools );
l        Max. tool weihgt: 8Kg;
l        Max. tool length: 250mm;
l        Max. tool diameter: 90mm (full ); 250mm(adjacent non-tool);
l        Tools replaced: pneumatic drive;
l        Tools management: electric drive;



A.T.C .system         

Machine components and feature:

Good stability, high strength. This series of machining center casting resin sand castings by, and after two aging treatment, the accuracy is stable and reliable.
Workbench optimization support. Long slide short table structure design, in full within the scope of stress condition that guide.
High precision motion. With the strengthening of combining sliding guide rails, workbench slideway are saddle model is wear-resistant, greatly reduce the friction between the guide rails, eliminate possible creeping, improve the machining center machine movement precision.
High transmission rigidity. Three axis of transmission of ballscrew adopt Taiwan professional manufacturers provide the C3 HIWIN grade double nut pre-tightening ball screw, ball screw ends bearings are imported P4 level 60 ° contact Angle pairs of combination of ballscrew special bearings, ball screw shaft of pre-tension. Coupling with German import BK3 type coupling, which make it machining center, strong rigidity transmission accuracy is stable and reliable.
High rigidity, thermal stability. The spindle system from Taiwan specializing in the production of complete inserts, The world famous brand bearing spindle mp4 level, under the condition of complete spindle assembly in constant temperature, after the completion of all through the computer and run a positive balance test, make full use of spindle long service life, high reliability.
The rapid pneumatic booster device - unloading knife, machining center cylinder machine speed loading &unloading tool.
The automatic lubrication system.


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