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     Shenzhen FIRST CNC Machine tool Co., Ltd has nearly two decades of manufacturing machine tools and mechanical equipment and components, the overall assembly debugging experience, a variety of processing equipment and submit a platform can be used for mechanical processing and supporting manufacturing.

     Lathes, milling machines, grinders and other common processing equipment,

     A precision CNC milling machine( FSTM-650, FSTM-850) , Large-size CNC milling machines( FSTM-1580 (1.5 米 stroke),

     HS- WEDM variety of specifications from DK7725 ~ DK77100, from processing to direct the maximum tapered body 60 degrees,

      High Speed Drilling Machine EDM,

      Welding and cutting equipment, a variety of specifications of CNC plasma / flame cutting machine tools,

     Precision high speed CNC engraving and milling machine tools,

      large-size machine (5 meters) gantry milling machine tool and other processing equipment,

      Undertake to provide contract manufacturing and precision molds.    Compliance with the contract.


      Please contact  us, Tel : 13510902661

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