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CNC Molybdenum wire cut machine
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CNC Multi-cutting wire cut machine
      Of the company’s M series WEDM is used multiple re-cutting processes, processing based on the control system according to the parameter library automatically calls the    processing parameters (the pulse width of pulse power, pulse of repose, current levels, molly wire speed). Of M series Moly wire-cutting EDM is successfully combined the cutting advantages of the brass wire machine with the low cost advantages of the traditional moly wire machines to produce the new huge Accuracy Moly Wire-cutting EDM.  
  We are known throughout the world for producing efficient and reliable machines and are exporting to many countries including Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hungrary, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, U.K,USA and Vietnam etc.

Machine components and features:


l        Long life diamond guider lasting over 1.5years;
l        Working table with linear guides and high-precision ball screw to drive to achieve the accurary of working long hours;
l        Clean and quiet the WEDM with environmentally friendly enclosure;
l        AC motor variable firquency adjustment techniques used to control the run of the moly wire drive mechanism, Moly wire installation safety and convenience;
l        PC based Industrial Computer for improved reliblity and systems proection;
l        Large taper structure and moly wire tension adjusting device ensure the cutting the large teper machining accurary;
l        Max cutting speeds (stable) up to 220mm2/min;
l        5-phase stepping motor drive system;
l        Process control system can read G code or DXF format or 3B/4B format files through the usb interface or RS-232;
Optional functions
l        Using a dedicated device to ensure high processing efficiency in the cutting of copper or aluminum;
l        Network communication;
l        Infrared remote controll XY axis movement;
l        XY axis digital readout;
l        Japan AC servo motor XY axis drive ;



Technical parameters:

l        Max.cutting speed:220mm2/min
l        Low rouhgness :0.8 u m;
l        Range of wire diametre: Φ0.06~0.22mm;
l        Wire travelling speed: by continuous adjusting the frequency to control;
l        Dielectric solution: special wire-cut coolant;
l        Dielectric reservoir capacity: 40L;
l        Max. working current: 9.8A;
l        Power supply: 3Φ-380V 50/60Hz or 2Φ-220V 50/60Hz;   1.5KVA
l        Max.cutting thickness of the workpiece: 800mm; of taper cutting
Z 5°/50mm    U/V axis travel :±5.5mm
J 12°/120mm U/V axis travel: ±30mm
D20°/80mm    U/V axis travel: ±35mm
T 36°/80mm   U/V axis travel: ±75mm
S 60°/50mm   U/V axis travel: ±110mm



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